Writing a Thematic Essay Made Easy

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Thematic Essay Outlines

Thematic essays focuses on concepts and themes in the social studies and usually states a specific task, which must be addressed in an essay response. In order to get a good grade, you have to show clear understanding of the theme and show the ability to analyze. It is also really important to structure the essay properly: don’t forget to include a strong introduction and conclusion.

If you want to write a good and logical essay, at first you will have to brainstorm. Put together ideas, make a list of everything you know about this topic that relates to the questions you need to answer. To make the essay easier to write and to read, you will need a good outline.

  • Start with an introduction. Read the essay question, divide it into theme and tasks. The theme will be the subject, the tasks represent what you have to accomplish to fulfill the theme. Introductions tend to start broad and end narrow. Begin with a generic statement, end with your thesis statement.
  • Go onto body paragraphs. You should have one paragraph for each topic of your thesis. And each body paragraph should have two pieces of evidence. Examine each example individually, but present their similarities. The body paragraphs should address all elements of the task, they should demonstrate your understanding of the theme, incorporate relevant facts, examples, and details; and present everything in an organized manner as well.
  • End with a conclusion. Unlike the introduction, the conclusion starts narrow and ends broad. Thus, you can restate your thesis at first and end with showing its importance in the global context.

As it was said above, a thematic essay is usually an essay in social studies, in geography or global history. Students are asked to write on a topic that cuts through time and culture. Following areas offer you a lot of thematic essay topics:

  • Religion
  • Cold War
  • Ultranationalism
  • Ancient Rome
  • Feudalism Breakdown
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Nationalism
  • Revolution

Thematic Essays on Different Topics

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