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Descriptive paper is meant to be a special type of paper that gives its reader the full picture of an object, person, place, action, etc. Unlike analytical papers or argumentative papers, descriptive essay paper should be written in the way so that the reader can get physical picture or portrait of the described thing. Such effect can be achieved through the detailed explanation of something and emotional language. In fact, writing descriptive paper is connected with the usage of words that make person feel, see, touch, taste, and hear something in his/her imagination. In practice only native speaker can create exceptional descriptive essay as its writing is connected with tremendous efforts and knowledge. Descriptive paper of any type requires excellent vocabulary and grammar proficiency.

Writing Descriptive Papers About a Place and a Person

  • Descriptive essay is a collection of associations. For instance, preparing paper about winter you need to collect certain amount of words, which are usually associated with this season. Such words as snow, frost, sky, Christmas will definitely make your reader create a certain winter picture in his/her imagination when reading your descriptive essay. If you have some contradictory topic of the descriptive essay you should be aware of the fact that different words may affect the reader’s thoughts differently.

  • Descriptive essay about a place is a free flow of emotions and feelings. The key point of your paper writing is that you should not propose your own point of view about certain object, place or action directly. Adjectives and verbs are of high significance as authors usually resort to them to convey their state of mind on some particular topic. The author has to be expressive and indicative in order to convert the descriptive essay about a person into something exciting and out of the ordinary.

  • Main goal of the descriptive essay is to illustrate. There is no need to use statistical data or historical facts to complete a masterpiece. This means that the whole point of your descriptive essay is to depict something but not persuade or inform.

  • Understand the purpose of your descriptive essay on myself. Try to focus only on the idea you are about to explain. Some extra information, such as background, will negatively effect the reader's perception or create some misunderstanding. Be logical. Try to link all the sentences, so that they form well-organised descriptive essay.

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