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Happy 4th of July!

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Argumentative Essay


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As a rule, an argumentative essay is assigned in courses like advanced composition or English II. This type of written assignment requires you to complete extensive research and collect data based on your own observations, be it interviews or surveys. By definition argument essay is a  detailed research will help you learn a lot more about the subject and get all the insights of it. As the result, you will be able to come up with your own vision of the topic and support it with the evidence you have collected.

Argumentative Essay Structure


An effective argument essay consists of the following components:

  • anintroduction

You are to start with a clear argument and then highlight the importance of your own opinion. There should also be some background information. It has to show your statement and demonstrate your position on a particular topic in the case.

  • thebody

This is the part where you go into details with description of all possible sides of the argument. You are to present your own opinion and back it up with supportive evidence.

  • theconclusion

That is where you sum up all of your findings and list them in a logical way. There is no need to introduce any new information right here. To stress the importance of your own statements, you may restate them again.

Tips and Tricks for You

Before you actually get down to work on argumentative essay writing, you should go through some tips that we have listed for you!

First things first when you are working on a paper, you have to pick out the best topic for it! Yourtopicjusthastobe:

  • relevant
  • debatable
  • arguable
  • appropriateforyou

So once you have all possible topics lined up for you, there will be just the right time to start considering all of them. If there is no suitable topic for you at first, do not fall into despair. There will be so many more good topics for argumentative essays for you! All you have to do is a bit of brainstorming!

Where Do I Get Argumentative Essay Ideas?

Once you are all done with an argumentative essay topics, you may start hunting for ideas. Keep in mind, they have to reveal how you really feel about the topic. Therefore, you are to conduct your own research and carry out the results from it. Here’swhatyoucando:

  • Gotothelibrary
  • Useanonlinedatabase
  • Lookthroughsomearticles
  • Checkoutscientificpublications.
  • Get help at a custom writing service.

If you see that things go really bad, the best way out would be to get in touch with a reliable writing service and request help there. They will ensure you get an impeccable argumentation essay in no time!

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Writing an Argumentative Essay Outline

So, once you have all your ideas ready to be used at once, you may get down to writing. The very first step you are to take is creating an outline. Consider it to be a plan for the whole paper. All of the argumentative essays are created using an outline.


  • defining a thesisstatement
  • structuringyourpaper
  • choosingsupportiveevidenceforit

Coming up with an effective outline means that half of the work on your argument essays is already done!

Samples and Examples for You!

If you have never been faced with writing argumentative essays before, you will find rather useful to go through some samples and examples. That way you will get a mere idea of what you are expected to do. You may also discover an argument essay format with all the ins and outs.

Also, it is of utmost importance that you follow your professors’ instructions throughout the process. That way you will fully complete the requirements.

Originality Is the Key

We are all well aware of how bad plagiarism looks on your track records. Therefore, you have to come up with all possible and impossible ways to avoid it. When learning how to write a argumentative essay you will come across tips for citing your quotations!

  • Citeyoursources.
  • Makebookmarks.
  • Checkelectroniclinks.

Do all you can to ensure there is no duplicate content in your work. Keep in mind that your academic reputation depends on that as well!

Want to Write an Impressive Paper?

If you are trying desperately to impress your teacher/professor, there will be time to consider writing a paper that can take them aback! All you are to do is learn how to write an argumentative essay in a proper way. You need the reader’s attention. This means you are to be as creative and original as only possible.

But how does all that work? Consider asking a professional writer for additional advice!

Looking for Some Argumentative Essay Help?

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