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Here is what you should pay attention to while working on your paper.

Case study writing tips:

  • Before you start writing a case study, carefully investigate the case and its backwards and forwards thoroughly.
  • Be honest in your evaluations. Do not let personal opinions and issues influence your judgment.
  • Be analytical, not descriptive.
  • Proofread your paper.
  • While working on your case study writing, make use of:
    • library research
    • interviews
    • observation
    • questionnaires
    • historical documents

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Our company's case study writing services provide writing help with different types of case studies: exploratory, explanatory and descriptive case studies.

  1. An exploratory case study is focused on the initial research and tries to look for the data. This type of case study concentrates on the “What?” questions.
  2. Descriptive case studies take this further and try to obtain information on the particular features of an issue. This type of case study requires a theory to point the collection of data in the right direction.
  3. Explanatory research tries to analyse or explain how exactly something happens and why.

Buy Your Case Study at BookwormLab.comUsually, a case study assignment is a part of you course requirements. While writing a case study, students are required to demonstrate:

  • How they can link theory to practical applications.
  • How they can understand and prioritize issues and events.

Overall, the paper might not be that hard to complete, however you have to keep in mind the following approaches that need to be demonstrated in your work:

  • The analytical approach, where you show your ability to analyze and understand the events or characters as well as the way this particular issue can be connected to the theory.
  • The problem-solving approach, where you have to identify the problems within the case study and suggest optimal solutions.

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Case Study Papers Format:

  • Introduction. This is where you introduce the section and describe the problem and the reason why the study was undertaken.
  • Background reading. Here you mention the previous researches, give examples and evaluate them.
  • Methodology. Here you state the research methods that you have used, provide description and explanation.
  • Results. They reveal what you have found from each method.
  • Summary. In this section you sum up all the results, compare and contrast them.
  • Conclusion and recommendations. Generalize from the findings and give recommendations for the future.