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Do you know what is more time consuming than reading a book? Writing a book report about it. Don’t misunderstand, reading books for school or your pleasure is great, but we can help you save the trouble of spending time on writing a report. Buy a book report from trusted service - Bookwormlab!

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That provides general information about the book and gives a brief review of what your report will be about. Make sure you include:

INTRODUCTION Title and the author.
Publication information.
Genre of the book.
1-2 sentences to introduce the book and the report/review.

BODY This part should consists of an explanation of what the book is about and your personal opinion about the book. The good place to start is to explain the author's purpose and/or the main ideas of the book. Although, reports on fiction and non-fiction books differ in a way.
For fiction: Describe the point of view, the setting, analyze the protagonist and other major characters. The book may also distinquish itself by a particular mood or tone, which you can write about as well. Summarize the plot, include details not only on the sequence of major events, but also on the book's climax and resolution.
For non-fiction: First thing to talk about is the thesis of the writing. You should also provide a general overview of the author's topic, main points and argument. To what important conclusions did the author come?

ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION This is the place for the book analysis and critique. If you do express your opinion, give arguments. Consider the following questions: Did the author managed to achieve his/her purpose? Do you consider the writing to be effective, interesting, powerful, difficult, etc? For non-fiction: What are the qualifications of the author to write about the subject? Do you agree with the arguments and conclusions of the author? What is your overall impression? Did you find the book interesting, moving, dull? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

CONCLUSION Pull your thoughts together. Emphasize on what you
want your readers to remember about the book.

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